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From Liberty Institute in India:

"The Department Land Resources, in the Ministry of Rural Development,

Government of India, has released the latest draft of the Land Titling

Bill 2011, and is inviting comments from the public before July 31,

2011. Here is a brief comparison of the 2010 draft Land Titiling bill,

with the 2011 version. The revised draft is a significant improvement

on the previous version. The following note also contains some of the

key comments that Liberty Institute had submitted in July 2010 to the

earlier draft.

The revised Bill has taken a realistic view of the complex ground

realities of introducing title guarantees in the highly conflicted

land records in India. It has simplified procedures and institutional

mechanisms envisaged to implement the concept. In a significant

departure from the 2010 version, the 2011 Bill has dropped the promise

of a state guaranteed title with indemnification and has settled for

only a determination of a conclusive title.

It is hard to say whether submissions of Liberty Institute on the

Draft Bill 2010 has had an impact on the revised Bill of 2011, but the

following changes made in the 2011 Bill do reflect some of the our


The detailed note is available here.

Also, available are the links to the PDF files of the 2010 draft and

2011 draft of the Land Titling bill. If you have any thoughts on this

issue, please let me know.

Thanks and best,