Antony Fisher on universities and think tanks

“I believe the most important first target is the student in the university, and that the books [produced by think tanks] have to be written for those students.” Letter to Patricia S. Patterson, February 5, 1981.

Before the founding of Atlas, and in its early years, Fisher placed Buckingham University in a list with the institutes he helped establish and he was willing to help. In a memo drafted 11/6/1978 he wrote:

“Only one, Buckingham University, is not a book producer. Buckingham University was started by the IEA in 1976 and does need and could use a great deal more money than any of the other institutes, for its own operations as well as for expansion abroad.”

“Buckingham University can use a lot of money. It’s in its fourth year and the only completely private university in England. It is the protégée of Ralph Harris of the IEA, and for his sake alone, I would do anything I could to help him raise more money to develop this university, which soon will become viable on its own. It’s in its third year and now has about 250 students.” 11/6/1978