Think Tanks on Antony Fisher's scope (1982)

From a Fisher memo in 1982: (My comments bellow)

"There are various levels of interest, discussions and development going on in the following countries:

Argentina: in Buenos Aires “Annetto and Shaw”

Australia: in Perth, John Hyde hopes to set up an institute shortly.

Austria: Vienna, Kurt Leube and Albert Zlabinger, represented by Max Thurn, are hoping to set up an institute

Belgium: Michael Van Notten

Brazil: We have two other institutes: in Rio and São Paulo

Canada: Toronto, Through the Fraser Institute

Denmark: “two students via the IEA”

Germany: Yo Maitre of (some famous magazine in Berlin)

Greece: People via Ralph Harris would like some help in creating an IEA type institute.

Holland: Professor Ed ?? and Peter Rauwerde

India: Lawrence Gussman is considering setting up an institute

Portugal: ??

South Africa: Eustace Davie, of the Free Market Foundation, would like to set up an IEA type institute

Sri Lanka: Asoka Moragoda and are trying to get together to start an institute

Switzerland: Geneva (?) Don Ryan and Hans Overbeek are trying to get together to start an institute

UK: London, Ralph Harris and Antony Fisher are establishing the Centre for the Study of Communist Economies. Edinburgh, Scotland, Discussions are being held about the David Hume Institute to be run by Peter Clarke

USA: Chicago, a Mid-America Institute is being formed, to be run by Vern McCarthy. Boise, Idaho, Ralph Smeed is trying to develop the Center for the Study of Market Alternatives into an IEA type institute.

Venezuela: Jesus Eduardo Rodriguez, Ricardo Zuloaga, and Ricardo Ball are hoping to set up an institute which may be run by Carlos A. Zubillaga, presently working for Merrill Lynch in New York."

This memo shows Antony's global interests. It also shows the role played by Mont Pelerin Society members, many of the above were part of the society. Of the efforts mentioned above, the Venezuelan deserves special mention, the think tank started by those mentioned, CEDICE, continues to do great work. But Venezuela has gone the wrong way. On the opposite side is the Centre for the Study of Communist Economies. It closed doors recently after the death of Ljubo Sirc, the leader of the think tank started with the help of Antony Fisher and Ralph Harris. Most communist countries, however, have disappeared, only a handful remain.

The Mid-America Institute did not prosper and is not longer in existence. Eustace Davie is still with the Free-Market Foundation.

"Yo Maitre" must be Joachim Maitre, who was from East Germany, and for a while a Dean at Boston University. An unfortunate event brought him down as dean. While Antony was alive I met with Milinda Moragoda, and I think they helped start a think tank but doubt it is connected with the current Atlas. John Hyde, in Australia was also successful.