Atlas Workshop in St. Vincent, Italy 1986

Atlas organized a workshop at the Billia Hotel, in St. Vincent, Italy, in August 31st, 1986. It took place immediately before the Mont Pelerin Society Meeting.

Michael Walker and Sally Pipes helped put together the program which had, as a theme, "The Impact of Independent Public Policy Research Institutes in a Modern Society." The goal, in Antony Fisher's words, was to "offer an opportunity to those running institutes and those who hope to run them to learn about each other's successes and problems." Ed Feulner was one of the speakers. Hernando de Soto, ILD from Lima, Peru, was also there. Fisher presented a paper during the Mont Pelerin Society meeting.

The workshop had 12 speakers from 12 countries and the cost to attend the meeting, including the lunch, was $60,00.