Early Think Tank Efforts on Economics and Religion

In 1981, the Fraser Institute created "The Centre for the Study of Economics and Religion" (CSER) as one of its divisions. It produced some great products. One of my favorites is the book Religion, Wealth and Poverty, [link points to the PDF] by Fr. James Schall, SJ, with a forward by Michael Novak.

CSER was headed by a noted agnostic, the talented Austrian economist Walter Block. This division of Fraser Institute was still in existence when I joined Atlas in 1985. Atlas listed the Centre as one of the think tanks in its network.

The Board of Advisors was outstanding and included the following people (listed here with their affiliation at that time):

Dr. Kenneth E. Boulding

Distinguished Professor of Economics, Emeritus

University of Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

Professor Brian Griffiths


The City University-Business School

London, England

Dr. Richard John Neuhaus

Senior Fellow

Council on Religion and International Affairs

New York, New York

The Reverend Dr. E. R. Norman



Cambridge, England

Mr. Michael Novak

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Washington D.C.

Father James Schall, S.J.

Georgetown University

Washington, D.C.

Rabbi Seymour Siegel

Professor of Ethics and Theology

Jewish Theological Seminary

New York, New York

As Resource People, it listed Dr. Terry Anderson, who was then teaching in Vancouver; Dr. John Chant; Dr. Irving Hexham; Dr. Paul Heyne; Dr. David Lochhead; Dr. David Schreck; The Reverend James M. Wall; and Dr. William (Bud) Phillips.