Antony Fisher and Think Tank Leaders

In 2011 the Leontief Centre for Social and Economic Research in St Petersburg has awarded Ljubo Sirc, Founder President of the CRCE, the International Leontief Medal For Contribution to Economic Reforms for his outstanding achievements as a researcher of socialist economies, theorist and practitioner in the field of market reforms in former socialist countries.

In his acceptance speech he said about his Center: "In the United States, its endeavours were strongly favoured and complimented by the work of the Heritage and Atlas Foundations and the CATO Institute. Encouraged by these developments, Lord Harris, Sir Antony Fisher and I founded CRCE, the Centre for Research into Communist (later, Post-Communist) Economies, whose research and advice Hayek himself encouraged by consenting to the Honorary President of its Advisory Council. "

To read the entire speech open the attachment. I am honored to be on the advisory board of his journal Post-Communist Economies.

When did Ljubo meet Fisher? It was in 1961. Ljubo was a temporary researcher of Ralph Harris, at the IEA, U.K. Another great luminary helped Sirc's career. When he was seeking a publisher for his doctoral dissertation, he faced many obstacles. Criticizing communist economies, and Yugoslavian socialism was not politically correct, "Finally I met Professor Wilhelm Roepke at the Graduate School of International Studies in Geneva, a hero of mine since I read his Die Lehre von der Wirtschaft (Teachings on Economies) in the Berne hospital in 1943. I was not disappointed."