“The chief factor leading to our disoriented living is widespread skepticism about the value of human reasoning. Not long ago, such an attitude would have been found only in philosophical circles, but greater instruction, better communications and the loss of our ability to concentrate on sustained argument have enabled it to spread throughout society at great cost to objectivity. Subjectivity, however, affords no solid basis on which to found a consistent way of life and fulfil human longing for freedom and dignity.”

“The light of reason is not a transient feature in human life. It shines before individuals unchangeably, whatever use they make of it and even when they endeavor to turn away from it.”

“As something seen by all who share human nature, it is the source of their unity and brotherhood.”

Denis Cleary and Terry Watson, 1987, writing the forward of "The Origin of Thought" [1876] by Blessed Antonio Rosmini