More Fisher wisdom

"where governments have pursued . . .the policy of maximizing individual choice within a framework of law and moral conduct, their problems have given way to prosperity."

"Among the consequences of policy deliberately intended to maximize individual choice will be low taxation and a maximum increase in the wealth of the poorer members of the community."

"It must be true that any successful effort to achieve better understanding of the motives and behavior of communities is a more enduring memorial to those who gave their lives for peace than any memorial in stone."

"In trying to study the consequences and the causes of government action, I am searching for economic principles which will achieve the desired ends in the most effective ways."

"This communal or general increase in wealth as the result of exchange presupposes a framework of law and order which people are more likely to accept with honesty and integrity where everyone has a creative outlet for his natural effort to "better his condition."

"The more complicated business becomes, the more necessary it is for honesty to prevail."

"Because government decision-making is not based on principles, an inevitable result is that countless "deals" are made to meet the demands of pressure groups."

"Perhaps the most obvious of all political mistakes is the belief that it is possible to make the poor richer by taking from the rich."

"Another method used by governments to reduce choice is to nationalize a particular activity and to inhibit competition from private companies."

"Maximum freedom of individual choice in economic decisions can achieve wonders even where there is little or no freedom to vote." Yet "The prospect of finding a benevolent dictator who will apply legislation designed to free the individual is slender. . . .the democratic way is our best hope of restoring choice."

"The free market is not perfect and cannot produce complete stability; but it works towards that end in a way no other method can do. Methods which deny individual choice in the market must work towards instability."

"Those who criticize protectionist policies must explain the workings and benefits of a market economy."