Atlas workshop in Indianapolis, September 5-6, 1987

"Let me say again that I think the Atlas meeting was the highlight of my trip to Indianapolis and that the Atlas meetings will eventually eclipse the others in relevance for those of us who are serious about this activity"

Michael A. Walker, letter to Antony G.A. Fisher, November 25, 1987

Atlas hosted its first workshop in US soil prior to the Mont Pelerin Society regional meeting held in Indianapolis. The late Gordon St. Angelo, of the Lilly Endowment (who later became President of the Milton and Rose Friedman Foundation), visited Atlas's offices in San Francisco and helped us with all the arrangements. That was the beginning of a fruitful relationship between Atlas and the Lilly Endowment that continues to this date.

Apart from the speakers (who appear bellow) many intellectual entrepreneurs who have been key to the freedom movement, also attended this meeting. Dora de Ampuero, from Ecuador, and Charles Mensah, from Ghana, are just two examples. Both appearing at the right in this picture.

Organizing workshops prior to the Mont Pelerin Society meeting has also been very productive for all. This particular MPS meeting attracted three Nobel Laureates: Milton Friedman, James Buchanan, and George Stigler. It was the 40th anniversary of the MPS Society.

The three Nobels had a memorable session hosted by The Economic Club of Indianapolis. Also present was our founder Antony Fisher and Sir John Templeton, whose foundation became a major benefactor and partner of Atlas.

Attracting those who are starting in their careers and giving them an opportunity to mingle, learn and discuss with more senior leaders has been a key aspect of the success of Atlas's workshops.

Sir John Templeton holding hands with Lord Harris, and Antony Fisher enjoying the reception (MPS pictures)

The late Robert Krieble, who developed Loctite corporation, was one of the keynote speakers. The Rt. Hon. John Moore, P,C., M.P. from the U.K., delivered the opening speech. Also relevant for Atlas, the foundations headed by Helen Krieble, and Fred Krieble, have become important supporters of Atlas. Both Helen and Fred are astute players and investors in the policy world. Allan Gibbs from New Zealand, a successful businessman and champion of free enterprise attended the event. Recently, Allan's daughter Debbie, was elected to the board of trustees of Atlas.

Independent Institutes and Their Consequences

Program for the Atlas/MPS Seminar

September 5th and 6th, 1987


September 5, 1987


Introduction and welcome: Antony Fisher

Speaker: The Rt. Hon. John Moore, P,C., M.P.

Atlas film "The Institutes on Television"

"The New Enlightenment" Parts I & II

September 6, 1987

Morning sessions


Graham Mather, lEA (U.K.)

William Hammett, Manhattan Institute (U.S.)

Dr. Walter Williams, George Mason University (U.S.)

Dr. Michael Walker, Fraser Institute (Canada)

William Mellor, Pacific Research Institute (U.S.)


Dr. Richard Rosett, Washington University (U.S.)

Greg Lindsay, CIS (Australia)

Dr. John Goodman, NCPA (U.S.)

Mr. John Fund, Wall Street Journal (U.S.)


Speaker: Dr. Robert H. Krieble (U.S.)

Afternoon session


Dr. Alejandro Chafuen, Atlas Economic Research Fdn.

Mr. John Blundell, Institute for Humane Studies (U.S.)

Dr. Hernando de Soto, ILD (Peru)

Dr. Antonio Martino, CREA (Italy)


Antony Fisher, Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Lord Harris, Institute of Economic Affairs (U.K.)

and Panel (Dr. Michael Walker, Mr. William Hammett, and Dr.

Hernando de Soto)

Each speaker will be asked to address a particular facet of his work and relate

the consequences e.g., Bill Hammett (MI) "The Promotion of Charles Murray’s Book

’Losing Ground’ and the Consequences," Graham Mather (IEA) on "From Books to

Films," or John Goodman (NCPA) "The Role of the New Think Tank: How privatizing

came to the White House."

Tim Browne, with the late John Chamberlain, and Eric Brodin, at the Indianapolis workshop.

Also in picture, Graham Mather, then exec. director of IEA.

Richard Wong with the late Robert Krieble and Bill Peterson