Atlas President according to Fisher

In 1987 Antony began a search for a new president, what qualities did he seek? what role for Atlas?

The role of Think Tanks

Antony Fisher founded Atlas to help start institutes that conduct research in a manner that it is acceptable to leading intellectuals and students. He argued that “proposals must be founded on rigorous analysis and soundly researched by qualified, impartial experts, most often academics, and published in a manner suitable to university scholars, with no taint of vested interest, no political bias, and most important, without any consideration of political feasibility” from a speech at the Mont Pelerin Society, in 1986.

"The remarkable fact is that none of these institutes have in any way taken part in any political action. All they have produced is some impressive, analytical research of pressing economic issues which their respective policy makers have found helpful." (February 16, 1984)

Atlas job fundraising was not easy: "I have to be careful that Atlas's fundraising efforts are never at the expense of the very institutes I try to help." (February 16, 1984)