Floyd A. Harper on foundations of liberty

F.A. Harper on Moral Decay:

"Violation of the two economic Commandments—theft and covet­ousness—under the program of the Welfare State, will spread to the other Commandments; it will destroy faith in, and observance of, our entire basic moral code. We have seen this happen in many countries. It seems to have been happening here. We note how im­morality, as tested by the two economic Commandments, has been spreading in high places. Moral decay has already spread to such an extent that violations of all other parts of the Decalogue, and of the Golden Rule, have be­come accepted as commonplace—even proper and worthy of emu­lation."

On Natural Law or "Spiritual Reality":

"There is a force in the uni­verse which no mortal can alter. Neither you nor I nor any earthly potentate with all his laws and edicts can alter this rule of the universe, no matter how great one’s popularity in his position of power. Some call this force God. Others call it Natural Law. Still others call it the Supernatural. But no matter how one may wish to name it, there is a force which rules without surrender to any mortal man or group of men—a force that is oblivious to anyone who presumes to elevate himself and his wishes above its rule."