Olda Cerny

"It has been truly difficult for each of us to cope with the profound sadness of the passing this weekend of our friend and leader, Oldřich Černý. Olda, as his friends and colleagues knew him, had an inviting smile, infectious energy, and a steely determination towards advancing the cause of human freedom. We all loved and admired him.
Olda’s life story is nothing short of exceptional . . ."  read more on:  

PSSI collaboration with think tanks
Olda Cerny had an open mind and collaborated with many think tanks and organizations to build consensus for freedom, tolerance and security.  This 2011 picture shows him looking at displays with the logos of many of those think tanks. 
Discussing how to support victims of terrorism
This picture shows Olda meeting with friends who work on creating support networks for victims of terrorism and trying to educate in order to prevent further attacks