The US Economy: Forecast

The US Economy poised to grow faster in 2017
"Apart from the above national security challenges and protectionist threats, most “reset” buttons for the United States economy point towards higher growth. This is mostly due to a major change in outlook as well as in the ideological bent of the designated cabinet members of the incoming administration. With the cost of regulation likely to fall in the U.S., and the cost of corruption likely to increase across the globe, the U.S. will become a more attractive place for investments."

"Respect for the rule of law in the United States has been declining, and, unfortunately, respect for private property continues to go down in the world. In the Fraser Institute index, the U.S. score in this front went slightly down (from 7.02 to 6.97), but it is way down from the year 2000, when it stood at 9.23. The United States is now 29th in the world. In the Heritage Foundation index, respect for property rights in the United States went down from 4th place in 2009 to 20th today, same as last year. In the rule of law index of the World Justice Project, (which ranks 102 countries), the United States is again in 19th place. Of the top 10 economies, four countries—Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and France—have better rule of law scores than the United States. Nevertheless, given the size and opportunities in its economy, the United States will remain as an attractive destination for foreign investment in 2016."

"A 2014 with market-based health care and immigration reform, with freer trade and a sounder monetary policy would lead to a very happy new economic year.  But I am not so optimistic.  I expect that president Obama and his administration will try to make their health proposal work at all costs.  I doubt that think tanks will be able to make much progress against the Fed and the powerful interest that rely on their policies.   Immigration remains so contentious, that progress will be difficult.  The US-EU trade treaty has more chance for progress.  Let’s celebrate anyway a new year and join the effort of think tanks trying to liberate the entrepreneurial spirit from so many government shackles."