2014 Walter Judd Freedom Award

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) will award Dr. Alejandro Chafuen the 2014 Walter Judd Freedom Award for advancing the cause of freedom through his tireless leadership in founding and nurturing think tanks around the world. Read More of the official announcement

"At Atlas Network, our mission is to strengthen the worldwide freedom movement by identifying, training and supporting individuals with the potential to found and develop effective independent organizations that promote our vision in every country. Few have taken on this mission as passionately as Atlas Network president, Dr. Alex Chafuen, who joined Atlas Network in 1985."
“We are so proud of our friend Dr. Alejandro ‘Alex’ Chafuen. He’s been advancing the cause of freedom since he was a young man. In fact, it’s been his life’s passion since he came to Grove City College in the late ’70s and early ’80s to study under renowned economics professor Dr. Hans Sennholz. Government control of the monetary system and its inflationary policies were ravaging his beloved Argentina. Alex has been advancing the cause of freedom and moral markets ever since,” Lee Wishing ’85, administrative director of The Center for Vision & Values, said. “Indeed, the world is a better place and more free thanks to the work of Alejandro Chafuen.” The full Grove City College announcement