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Hazlitt on Fisher

From a letter written in 1953 (From FEE and Liberty Fund archives):
“I have never heard Mr. Fisher from the lecture platform, but I have had long talks with him both in New York and in London on economic subjects, and I have read a number of his articles and pamphlets. He not only has an extremely attractive personality and speaking voice, which are very great assets on a lecture platform, but he has the additional advantage of knowing a great deal about his subject and of being able to talk interestingly about it. He is devoted to the principle of individual freedom; he knows what threatens it, and I am sure audiences would be as impressed as I have been by his sincerity and integrity.”

Antony Fisher and think tank leaders:  In the attachment you will find a letter from 1987 from Bernardo M. "Bernie" Villegas to Antony Fisher telling him about his CRC think tank in the Philippines, praising the quick response of John Greenwood and Rene Scull (Atlas trustee), and asking to receive a copy of Hernando de Soto's "The Other Path" and be invited to the first workshop in the US that I helped organize for Atlas in Indianapolis.  Antony nominated Villegas to attend MPS.  

Antony Fisher, with wife Dorian, and the late Ricardo Zuloaga
Alejandro Chafuen,
Jul 14, 2011, 6:35 PM