Atlas Boards in 1984


Atlas Foundation was incorporated in July 14th 1981 as a tax free educational foundation for purpose of raising funds for and advising institutes concerned with public policy research. New or potential institutes, as well as established ones, benefit from Atlas' experience, financial assistance and intercommunicating services. Atlas neither runs nor control any of these separate and independent organizations.

Board of Directors
Robert J. Boyd (UK), still active in Virginia, rejoined board in 2016.
Lord Harris of High Cross (UK), R.I.P. (1924-2006)
T. Patrick Boyle (Canada), R.I.P. (1918-2015)
Jeffrey D. Stein (USA), having fun taking pictures in California
Charles H. Brunie (USA), R.I.P. (1930-2017) played a key role in the development of the Manhattan Institute, NY
William O. Sumner (USA), still active in Scottsdale, Arizona
Antony G.A Fisher (UK-USA), R.I.P. (1915-1988)

Academic Advisory Board

Prof Digby Anderson, social affairs unit, London, UK, retired from SAU
Prof Charles Baird, California State University, Hayward
Prof Yale Brozen, University of Chicago, Illinois
Prof John Burton, IEA, London, UK
Prof Colin Campbell, Dartmouth, New Hampshire
Prof Malcolm Fisher, University of New South Wales, Australia
Prof John Goodman, founder of NCPA, past University of Dallas, still active with new effort
Prof Herbert G. Grubel, Simon Fraser University, BC Canada
Prof F.A. Hayek, Germany, R.I.P.
Prof Melvyn B. Krauss, NY University
Prof Bruce Johnson, University of California, Santa Barbara
Prof Antonio Martino, University of Rome, became important government official
Prof David Meiselman, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, RIP
Prof Alan Peacock, Buckingham University, UK
Prof Pascal Salin, University de Paris-Dauphine, France
Arthur Seldon, CBE, IEA, UK, R.I.P.
Prof Gordon Tullock, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, RIP
Dr. Michael A. Walker, Fraser Institute, Vancouver, Canada, still active
Prof Sir Alan Walters, John Hopkins University, Resident Scholar, AEI, R.I.P.
Prof E. G West, Carlton University, Ottawa. R.I.P., James Tooley started a center named after him
Professor Walter Williams, George Mason University, Virginia, still active
Prof Basil Yamey, London School of Economics, UK

Business Advisory Council

Raymond J. Addington (President, Kelly, Douglas & Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B.C), R.I.P.
Fred Aftalion (President director general, Societe Francaise d'Organo-synthese, France)
Joseph Alibrandi (President and CEO, Whittaker Corp., Los Angeles)
Robert N. Bee (Managing director, London Interstate Bank, England), moved to California and retired
Nelson Broms (Chairman, Executive committee, Clayton and Dubilier, Inc NY)
Robert F. Dee (Chairman, SmithLine & Beckman, Philadelphia)
J. Peter Grace (President, W.R Grace & Company, NY), R.I.P.
Ronald Halstead, CBE (Chairman, Beecham products)
W. Earle McLaughlin (retired, former chairman, royal bank of Canada)
Hugh M. Morgan (Executive Director, Western Mining Corp. Ltd, Australia)
Russel H Perry (Chairman, Republic financial services, Inc, Texas)
Sir Alistair Pilkington (Chairman, Pilkington brothers Limited, UK)
Joseph Rank (President, Rank Hovis McDougall, UK)
Peter D. Ritchie (President, McDonald's / Australia)
Dennis W. Sheehan (Executive Vice President, Axia, Inc. Illinois)
William E. Simon ( Chairman of the board, Wesray, New Jersey), R.I.P.
John M. Templeton (President, Templeton Growth Fund Ltd., Bahamas) R.I.P.
Sir Malcolm Wilcox (Director, Midland Bank, London)